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Anti-Cancer Pack

Elevate your cannabis brand with our comprehensive Cancer Test Bundle! As scientific research continues to uncover the potential benefits of cannabinoids in supporting cancer treatments, this bundle offers a range of essential testing services to explore the cytotoxic effects of your products on various cancer cell lines. By highlighting these properties, your brand can effectively market its products to a broader audience, including those seeking complementary or alternative therapies. Our Cancer Test Bundle provides reliable, scientifically-backed data to enhance your marketing efforts and solidify your brand's reputation in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. Invest in our Cancer Test Bundle and empower your customers with knowledge and confidence in your products.

Cytoxicity Test on CaCo-2 Cells (Colorectal Cancer

Use our cytotoxicity test on CaCo-2 cells to determine your cannabis product's potential to kill common intestinal cancer cells. Present this information in your marketing materials to showcase the unique properties and benefits of your cannabis brand.

Cytoxicity Test on Hep-G2 (Hepatocarcinoma Human Cell Lines

Leverage our cytotoxicity test on Hep-G2 cells to evaluate your cannabis product's capacity to kill common liver cancer cells. Utilize this scientific data to emphasize the benefits and features of your product in marketing campaigns.

Cytoxicity Test on Hela (Cervix Epitheloid Carcinoma Human Cell Line

Employ our cytotoxicity test on Hela cells to determine your cannabis product's potential to kill cervix cancer cells. Use this information to showcase the unique and scientifically supported aspects of your brand in your marketing materials.

Cytoxicity Test on MCF-7 (Caucasian Breast Adenocarcinoma Human Cell Line)Take advantage of our cytotoxicity test on MCF-7 cells to assess your cannabis product's capacity to kill breast cancer cells. Refer to these findings to safely indicate a medicinally advantageous application in a legally compliant manner.

UHPLC-MS/MS Target Analysis - ISO 17025 accredited

Discover the true potential of your cannabis products with our ISO 17025 accredited major cannabinoids analysis service. This method accurately measures the concentration of 42 commercially available phytocannabinoids, including CBD, THC, CBG, and many more, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your product's cannabinoid profile.

GC-(HR)MS Target Analysis - ISO 17025 accredited

Elevate your cannabis research with our ISO 17025 accredited major (semi)volatile terpenes analysis service. By measuring the concentration of 35 key mono- and sesquiterpenes in your samples, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your product's terpene profile, which plays a crucial role in its aroma, flavor, and potential therapeutic effects.

This bundle is designed for cannabis producers who want to emphasize their products' potential anticancer properties. The tests in this bundle assess the capacity of a substance to kill various cancer cell types, such as colorectal, liver, cervix, breast, and pre-cancer skin cells.

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