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Antimicrobial Pack

Discover the power of our Antimicrobial Bundle to elevate your cannabis brand! With increasing consumer awareness about the health benefits of cannabis, this bundle provides essential testing services to identify and showcase the antimicrobial properties of your products. By promoting these scientifically-backed benefits, you can set your brand apart and appeal to customers looking for natural alternatives to traditional antimicrobial agents. Our comprehensive analysis ensures the credibility and reliability of your claims, enabling you to market your products effectively and with confidence. Tap into the growing market for health-conscious consumers by investing in our Antimicrobial Bundle today!

Broth Microdilution Metho

Utilize our broth microdilution method service to determine the minimum concentration needed for your cannabis product's antimicrobial activity. Use this scientifically backed data to showcase the potential antimicrobial benefits in your marketing materials.

Disk Diffusion Method

Employ our disk diffusion method to study the effects of different concentrations of cannabinoid extract on microbial cultures. Leverage this information in your marketing materials to emphasize the unique properties and benefits of your cannabis brand.

Cidal Concentration Determination

Take advantage of our cidal concentration determination service to identify the for the pathogens lethal concentration of your cannabis product. Utilize this scientific data to highlight the potency and features of your product in marketing campaigns.

Time Kill Assay

Leverage our time kill assay service to determine the time needed for your cannabis product to completely eradicate the test organism. Present this information in your marketing materials to showcase the unique and scientifically supported aspects of your brand.

UHPLC-MS/MS Target Analysis - ISO 17025 accredited

Discover the true potential of your cannabis products with our ISO 17025 accredited major cannabinoids analysis service. This method accurately measures the concentration of 42 commercially available phytocannabinoids, including CBD, THC, CBG, and many more, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your product's cannabinoid profile.

GC-(HR)MS Target Analysis - ISO 17025 accredited

Elevate your cannabis research with our ISO 17025 accredited major (semi)volatile terpenes analysis service. By measuring the concentration of 35 key mono- and sesquiterpenes in your samples, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your product's terpene profile, which plays a crucial role in its aroma, flavor, and potential therapeutic effects.

This bundle is tailored for cannabis producers who want to demonstrate their products' antimicrobial properties. These tests focus on determining the minimum concentration needed for antimicrobial activity, studying the effects of different cannabinoid extract concentrations on microbial cultures, identifying lethal concentrations, and determining the time needed for complete eradication of test organisms.

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