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We are very proud to be the an official partner of the CZU Universtiy for Life Science in Prague. Our unique partnership gives us the function to market contracted research to legalcannabis businesses. To top this up even more we also provide the unique option of creating marketing and branding content based on the research findings. This includes video documentation, pictures, and interviews with the researchers. 

Our team has a background in the Cannabis industry and understands the challanges cannabis companies are facing. This first hand knowledge allows us to create tailored approches for your business and consult you in how to use our services to promote your products, how to forumlate your findings to legally correct product statements and how to create unique high value content as standalone content or for an entire campaign. With our help, you can be sure that your brand will stand out from the competition.

Get instant access to rare services of the CZU University to create unique content.

Reduce your risk and cost by avoiding the lengthy process of building your own University cooperation.

Focus on your core business while we take care of your research and content.

Differentiate your brand on the basis of undeniable facts to boost your sales.

Why scientific content will boost your sales

Ask yourself: “How many of my competitors have already communicated their success in testing their products on human cancer cells or dangerous pathogens? 


If your answer is „None of them“, you just found your way to differentiate yourself in one of the strongest ways possible; and if you actually do now you can do the same, but more affordable and quick. 


We are an official external sales partner of the CZU University. Our unique contract with CZU University provides you with instantaneous access to rare research services for Cannabis research and completely waives your need for going through a lengthy, expensive and cumbersome legal process trying to get your own research contract. Use our access to create incredibly strong content quickly, to affordable conditions.


We allow you to build your base of product related medical cannabis information to visualize and convince  Our set of different in-vitro research services on human cancer cell lines and dangerous pathogens speak directly to the basic needs of your audience by proving your product functionality in an undeniable, visible way. Use this to create extremely strong content that resonates by telling your audience how well your products performed on human cancer cell lines or dangerous bacteria and harmful skin-fungi. 

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