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Redecann GmbH Impressum

Legal Information:

  • Legal form: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)

  • Registered office: Sissach, Switzerland

  • Commercial register number: CHE-306.324.359

  • Registered on: 01.10.2013

Business Address:

c/o Growlabs GmbH Reuslistrasse 27 4450 Sissach Switzerland

Management and Shareholders:

  • Jonas Straumann, Managing Director and Shareholder, authorized to sign individually

  • Dirk Carsten Dittmann, Shareholder, without signing authority

  • Zlata Kroo, Shareholder, without signing authority

Acting Commercial Director:

  • Mr. Mark Bovens

Company Purpose:

The company's purpose is to engage in the trade of products and services of all kinds and the organization of research services. The company may establish branch offices and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, as well as conduct any business directly or indirectly related to its purpose. The company may acquire, encumber, sell, and manage real estate in Switzerland and abroad. It may also provide financing for its own or third-party accounts and provide collateral for the liabilities of affiliated companies.

Statutes Date:

  • 21.02.2023

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