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Therapeutical Product
Potential Packages

Let's explore the possibilities, uncover new opportunities and create unique high value content for your product's success in the competitive world of therapeutic cannabis applications. Leverage our comprehensive Therapeutical Product Potential Analysis Packages to establish great trust with your audience by enabling yourself to effectively communicate the science and innovation behind your products.


Our meticulously tailored packages include a unique set of relevant analyses and in-vitro testing, ensuring a thorough evaluation of your product's capabilities and possible market positioning. When you choose our Therapeutical Product Potential Analysis Packages, you'll receive a detailed research report, crafted by a dedicated CZU University Ph.D. scientist, interpreting the results of the analyses and in-vitro tests within the context of existing published research. Each report is presented on official university paper, complete with the CZU University letterhead, and personally signed by the scientist responsible for the report. 


Combine the Therapeutical Product Potential Analysis Package with a content creation package to showcase the scientific rigor behind your cannabis products including high-end video content, capturing the fascinating process of research experiments being prepared and executed, as well as exclusive interviews with our esteemed researchers. All video content will be professionally branded with your logo and can feature product shots of your cannabis products within the research environment. Moreover, we provide tailored text and image-based content for both online and print distribution.


Use such unique and product specific materials to create high value content to build trust with your audience in order to boost your conversion rates, your overall sales and your client lifetime value at once.

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