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We are your one-of-a-kind marketing content creation company tailored specifically for cannabis brands and companies. We pride ourselves on offering affordable and accessible research services that empower small and middle-sized businesses to compete with market leaders and establish a unique brand identity. Our access to a life science university with a universal cannabis research license and our team of experts allow us to produce high-quality video content, setting your company apart from the rest.

Here, you'll find a showcase of the diverse video content created by our talented Redecann video team. These examples are just a selection of the many projects we've completed, demonstrating our versatility and expertise in the cannabis industry.

Dexso Research: Dive into this captivating video, showcasing Dexso DME extraction technology in a lab setting. We focus on CBDA and CBGA, giving you a glimpse of the broader research published in Frontiers in Microbiology (2022). Check out this prime example of Redecann's video expertise!

Paw-Treats Interview: Explore an engaging interview featuring a researcher discussing a double-blind study on Paw-Treats products. This video showcases the meticulous scientific methods employed by our team to guarantee the potency and excellence of cannabis offerings.

Redecann at ICBC 2019: Immerse yourself in our dynamic event video from the International Cannabis Business Conference 2019. This sample highlights our prowess in capturing the vibrant atmosphere of industry gatherings while accentuating the distinct features of your brand.

Allow us to revolutionize your marketing strategy and establish a unique brand identity for your cannabis business. At Redecann, we're here to disrupt the industry and provide you with the affordable and accessible marketing content creation services you need to succeed. Browse through our examples and envision the possibilities for your brand.

Dexso Research

Explore the Dexso Research, showcasing Redecann's expertise in crafting engaging marketing content for clients. This video is part of campaign around a groundbreaking study published in Frontiers in Microbiology in 2022. This particular video has a focus on Dexso products and CBDA and CBGA extraction and shows Redecann's ability to organize extensive research projects paves the way for dynamic marketing campaigns and diverse video content, also on a product level.

The Dexso Research reveals the potential of cannabis extracts in treating various skin diseases, highlighting their antimicrobial and antifungal activities.

Paw-Treats Research

Discover Paw-Treats' scientific approach, exemplifying Redecann's ability to empower clients in creating captivating marketing content. This video features an interview with a prominent University member, highlighting Redecann's capacity to build comprehensive marketing campaigns with diverse video content.

Paw-Treats' approach has two main parts: product development and quality assurance. Their development process, involving veterinarians, food technologists, and pharmacologists, ensures optimal functionality, safety, and quality. Independent analysis by the Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) further guarantees product excellence.

Watch our interview with CULS' leading scientists to learn more about this collaboration.

Redecann at ICBC

Immerse yourself in Redecann's vibrant video coverage of ICBC Berlin 2019, Europe's premier B2B cannabis trade show and conference. This captivating visual experience demonstrates Redecann's prowess in capturing the essence of industry events, with 350+ sponsors, 5000+ attendees, and 80+ countries represented.

Witness Redecann's adeptness in promoting unique brand aspects amid the exhilarating atmosphere of ICBC Berlin, where years' worth of networking and accomplishments are condensed into two dynamic days.


Elevate your brand with Redecann's unparalleled event coverage.


by Paw-Treats

The clinical approach

Presenting "The Clinical Approach" – a thoughtfully crafted branding video by our Redecann content creation team, delving into the meticulous product development and testing processes at Paw-Treats.


This informative visual experience offers a unique perspective on the commitment to quality and care behind every treat of Paw-Treats and every video made by Redecann.


Witness the seamless integration of product and animal shots in a clinical setting, emphasizing the rigorous standards and attention to detail that define Paw-Treats. Gain valuable insights from an exclusive interview with a veterinarian, further demonstrating the brand's dedication to the health and wellbeing of our beloved pets.

Agility+ advertisment

Get ready for a thrilling journey as our Redecann content creation team brings you Agility+ Advertising – a dynamic, action-packed promotional video for Paw-Treats' Agility+ product. 


Witness the fusion of breathtaking outdoor forest shots, the captivating energy of a running dog, and the sheer exhilaration of mountain boarding in a youthful, sports-driven style. Our team has expertly crafted an engaging and visually stunning narrative, culminating in a captivating animated product presentation.


Don't miss out on this adrenaline-filled masterpiece! Unleash your curiosity and discover the true power of Redecann's content creation prowess.

Relax+ advertisment

Introducing "Relax+ Advertising" – a mesmerizing promotional video by our Redecann content creation team for Paw-Treats' Relax+ product. This captivating visual journey transports viewers into a world of tranquility and relaxation, set amidst the enchanting backdrop of a lush garden.

Experience the soothing feel-good atmosphere as we seamlessly blend serene shots of contented dogs with a heartfelt, emotion-driven narrative. Our team's skillful use of animated product presentation further highlights the calming benefits of Relax+ for your furry friends.

Unwind with Redecann's masterful storytelling and indulge in the peaceful, restorative energy of the Relax+ Advertising video. Press play, and let the blissful moments unfold!

Agility+ testimonial

Introducing the Paw-Treats Agility+ Testimonial – an authentic and compelling visual experience created by our Redecann content creation team.


This testimonial video features real-life Paw-Treats customers, who volunteered to share their heartfelt product experiences, alongside their cherished dogs.Watch as these genuine stories unfold, showcasing the impact of Paw-Treats products on both the pets and their owners. This video is a prime example of informative marketing and branding content, seamlessly blending product promotion with customer satisfaction.


Experience the power of short, high-information density videos that capture the essence of a brand's success through the voices of its most valuable endorsers – its customers.

Relax+ testimonial

Introducing the Relax+ Testimonial. A sincere and engaging visual narrative crafted by our Redecann content creation team.


This testimonial video showcases real-life Paw-Treats customers, who volunteered to share their inspiring product experiences, alongside their beloved dogs.


Experience the art of storytelling as we capture the transformative impact of Paw-Treats products on the lives of pets and their owners. This video serves as an exemplary fusion of informative marketing and branding content, beautifully woven with compelling personal stories.Immerse yourself in the heartfelt tales of satisfaction and trust shared by the people who matter most – Paw-Treats' loyal customers. Press play, and let the genuine connections come to life!

Agility Dog Sports Cup

Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of canine athletics as our Redecann content creation team presents the Paw-Treats Agility Dog Sports Cup video. Showcasing our expertise in event-based videography, this visual feast captures the heart-pounding excitement and emotion of the competition, all set against a challenging backdrop.

Witness the perfect harmony of slow-motion and action shots that elevate the storytelling, bringing to life the passion and skill of these talented dogs and their handlers. This video is not only a testament to the spirit of the Agility Dog Sports Cup, but also a brilliant example of strategic branding through a sponsored event.

Because we love dogs

Because We Love Animals" – a heartwarming product and brand promotion video crafted by our Redecann content creation team for social media. This visual delight captures the essence of Paw-Treats' dedication to creating tasty dog treats while seamlessly integrating captivating product shots.

Experience the love and care of Paw-Treats' management for their canine companions through action-packed shots of happy, tail-wagging dogs relishing in their scrumptious treats. This video perfectly conveys the universal appeal of Paw-Treats' products, delivering a powerful message that all kinds of dogs adore these irresistible treats.

Join us on this enchanting journey and witness how Redecann's creative genius can elevate your brand's presence on social media.

The story of Paw-Treats

Introducing "The Story of Paw-Treats" – a powerful and emotionally charged branding video by our Redecann content creation team. This captivating story-driven masterpiece weaves together the real-life personal experiences of Paw-Treats' management team members to convey the company's mission, vision, and motivation.


Witness the art of storytelling at its finest as we evoke a deep emotional connection with the audience, skillfully designed for social media engagement. This video showcases the human side of the brand, emphasizing the passion and dedication that drives Paw-Treats in their pursuit of excellence.

Join us in this inspiring journey and let the poignant stories behind Paw-Treats resonate with your heart. Press play, and embrace the power of emotional content creation for branding.

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